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Monday, February 17, 2020

How Nigerian ladies creates secure haven for adolescent girls

Elizabeth Joseph is most effective 16, but her intellect belies her age. “Nigeria’s future is shiny and I’m a part of Nigeria’s destiny, so my future is brilliant,” she remarked enthusiastically. “We enjoy a laugh. Here we are taught numerous abilties; we learn to be wholesome and to look wholesome, and the way to speak with others. I have been coming right here frequently and I actually have discovered a number of skills. Among those are bead-making, gele tying, and Ankara craft. But the principle lesson for me is being taught a way to get up for myself and now not fall into the incorrect hands to be taken benefit of.“ Solape Olutoye, any other adolescent woman, is a frequent tourist to the PHC. ”I come right here regularly and I research something new on every occasion.
I have made buddies and learned a way to make precise use of my hands. I make a few handcraft and other things which I had been able to promote with the intention to make some money. For me, the important thing lesson from the 9Ja Girls experience is that it has enabled me to be extra mentally mature. And that means plenty in this environment.” Elizabeth and Solape are the various dozens of women elderly 15-19 who acquire every day on the Agbelekale Olota PHC to access the youngsters-friendly services furnished there, courtesy of the  Adolescent Girls 360 9Ja Girls mission. 

Girls on the Centre are united with the aid of a common aspiration. The spoke recently throughout an open house on the Primary Health Centre in  Alimoso Local Government Authority in Lagos. Growing up as a woman in Nigeria is a challenge that receives harder in early life. Barriers ranging from marriage and monetary independence force many women in this age bracket to drop out of faculty. Many adolescent girls are disadvantaged when compared to their male counterparts. It is inside the attempt to cope with these issues that the 9Ja Girls initiative turned into born. It is an modern approach to enhance the s*xual and reproductive health of adolescent girls aged 15 – 19. In the 9Ja Girls space, there is freedom of expression and boldness. In those spaces, younger girls have a clear imaginative and prescient for his or her future. 

The platform is supporting them to cope with the monetary, social, and contextual barriers in the direction of attaining these goals. The Adolescent Girls 360 project is being catered for with the aid of the Society For Family Health, SFH, below the Adolescent 360 (A360) Project led by Population Services International, PSI. 9ja Girls is a relied on system that empowers and helps women and their communities in the direction of improving adolescent s*xual and reproductive health, via social and monetary improvement that facilities on supporting women’ know-how, abilties and self assurance to aspire and attain their lifestyles goals,” stated Ms. Fatima Mohammed the Project Director, Adolescent 360.

It targets to create secure spaces in which women can communicate their minds and get support from people they trust. “One of the objectives of the 9Ja Girls is to revolutionise how single adolescent ladies get admission to s*xual and reproductive health services and this is achieved by supplying them with the suitable platform to acquire the proper abilties for lifestyles, love, and health and understanding thru a network of adolescents-friendly carrier providers. All those are included into the primary health care centres to make teenagers-pleasant services available and available to the women.” Mohammed says the 9jaGirls area is private and customized for every girl and gives a feel of safety and freedom. 

There, the ladies find out about their our bodies and s*xual health with consider. Part of the time table is to increase the uptake of current contraceptives and decrease unintentional pregnancies so the girls have access to trendy contraception The 9ja Girls Skills classes are in which teenage ladies are provided a wide sort of instructions to research skills for lifestyles, love, and fitness. 

The 9ja Girls Clinic is a ladies-handiest safe space, where women take vocational skills instructions, study subjects associated with love, dating, relationships, and s*xual and reproductive fitness, have personal one-on-one counseling and obtain fitness offerings from educated counselors and carriers. “We counsel them for talents for life, love, and fitness, to permit them to know the difference between love and life, by using giving them negotiation skills,” stated Peace Anya, a issuer that counsels women of age 15-19 and talks to them about their talents, love, and fitness. “In abilities for fitness we communicate approximately menstruation, personal health and the whole thing they want to know as young adolescent women, they've questions they need to relay to us and we explain in element to them. 

We inform them what it takes to be a lady and what it manner to be developing up as a lady baby. “Other than Saturdays, there's a programme held Monday to Friday known as “The Working Section” in the course of which the ladies method the counsellors and talk approximately matters bothering them. They relate life experiences typically inclusive of their studies and lecturers. “ Peace who said the 9Ja Girls usually talk about their health and relationships remarked that operating with the women has been a revelation. 

“When they arrive for counseling, we aren't biased. We let them understand that adolescence is a time which you get to like humans lots but you have to understand what you actually need. You need to ask yourself, might this dating help you to obtain your private desires or would it not distract or lead you off beam? If you aren't prepared to be s*xually lively and a boy continues pressuring or forcing you, talk to him and inform him which you are not equipped. The Centre runs a month-to-month interactive programme called ‘The Mum Section’, throughout which mobilisers invite moms to the programme wherein they're knowledgeable approximately how to relate with their adolescent ladies. “The girl infant these days are very sensitive, you need to take note of them. 

It is an interactive consultation where we speak to them in detail on troubles bothering their youngsters. This is due to the fact they could have instilled fear in them and feature made them terrified of explaining themselves to their moms, they arrive to us and are unfastened to inform us their troubles because we are younger and are almost of the equal age range.” The Principal Nursing Officer in fee of the Agbelekale PHC and 9Ja girls facility, Mrs. Isiolaotan Olubanke Ajoke, stated that major issues of the ladies vary but they all want someone to open up to, as most can not confide in their parents. “We take the mother’s forum every month due to the fact the women locate it clean to have interaction with any person of their age and whilst carried alongside, feel free and communicate up. Their primary trouble is getting a person who they are able to confide in.

“We don’t train them to hate boys, they do no longer hate boys however they have to to start with love themselves. We teach them, self-love, first. When you adore your self and have recognize for your self, you will have the ability to face for yourself. Unlike the past in which we are saying don’t sit down near boys, you would become pregnant. We don’t train them that. We inspire them to narrate as pals however to be matured in man or woman.” She said the programme has caused a superb effect on the network and society at big. “Now, the rate at which we've teenage pregnancy and abortion has decreased and girls are actually producing income with the abilties they have found out.”
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