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Friday, January 3, 2020

Nigeria losses 12BN bucks yearly to violent conflicts in Middle belt

About 12bn bucks which will be channelled to development tasks in the u . S . Is misplaced yearly because of lack of confidence within the Middle Belt, research consequences have confirmed even as the violent conflicts ravaging the place were defined as “war of resources” no longer faith as being portrayed in exceptional quarters. The Country Director, Search for Common Ground, SFCG, Sher Nawaz gave the statistic the previous day in Jos even as speakme with newshounds at the sideline of the begin-up workshop for the media for peace assignment in Plateau State. Nawaz additionally stated one of the factors contributing to the perennial violent battle is the desertification which has visible approximately 320, 000 hectares of land being deserted annually and called for pressing steps to reverse the trend.
He maintained that there's need to strengthen a credible and non violent media region within the kingdom who might make bigger non violent narrative and get entry to to reliable, credible and warfare sensitive facts inside the State. According to him, “Because of lack of confidence within the Middle Belt, Nigeria losses 12bn bucks in keeping with yr, if that lack of confidence is solved, the family profits within the Middle Belt could be increased from 60% to 210% so if we want to assist the authorities of Nigeria and Plateau State specially, we need to tackle lack of confidence. “How can we do that? There are many components to this lack of confidence however one issue comes out very strongly, that it's far a war for assets it isn't a struggle of whatever else. People have coined the narratives that aren't proper; a few say it's miles a struggle between Muslims and Christians why is that no longer actual? Because in Zamfara, it's miles Muslim herders and Muslim farmers.

“Yes, this conflict about sources takes a manifestation of inter-religious warfare but that isn't the reason. The motive is the battle for sources. We realize that 320,000 hectares of land come to be desertified each 12 months in Nigeria, we've 20million cattle however we've 1,000,000 hectares of grazing land. “That is not sustainable, we realised that this insecurity needs to be tackled that is why we are interfacing with the media to introduce warfare sensitive reporting, half of the conflicts and their effects might be long gone. Why do everyday humans think herders and farmers are their enemies? Because of the narratives inside the media, we're right here to introduce peace constructing inside the paintings of the media.” Various stakeholders gave their views on how the media ought to contribute in de-escalating violence and mitigate the consequences of violent conflicts with the State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Paul Jatau stressing that the media has no preference than include peace journalism if practitioners want a sane society to exercise. He said, “Peace journalism guarantees that we speak approximately things which can be fantastic even in warfare conditions due to the fact these are the troubles that would help clear up the troubles.”
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